Anti-Counterfeit Products

In an age where product authenticity and certification is increasingly difficult to protect, anti-counterfeit measures are available to combat illegal copying and intellectual property infringement. Our emphasis on protecting a company’s products, its profits, and most importantly its reputation ultimately benefits consumers from being cheated by counterfeits and their imitation efforts.


Security4Transit offers customised solutions using multiple anti-counterfeit features including


·         Visible/Hidden Alpha Numerical Serial Number

·         Visible/Hidden Pin Number

·         Invisible black to red ink - changes from black to red colour when viewed under UV light

·         Microseal – a laser etched object as small as 0.0045µm² which can be embedded onto labels, vouchers and certificates.

·         Heat sensitive ink - wording will change from magenta to white when heated at temperatures above 31°C

·         Invisible ink - requires the use of UV light to check a hidden image

·         Invisible Watermark

·         Hidden colour authentication

·         Optical changeable ink - widely used in bank notes, the ink will change from one colour to another

·         Hologram

·         Gold Stamping

·         2D barcode  


Any one of these anti-counterfeit measures can reduce the incidence of unauthorised reproduction but in combination, multiple features make the counterfeiting task near impossible.


The anti-counterfeit features available through Security4Transit can be applied to a variety of Anti-Counterfeit applications including


·         Labels

·         Certificates

·         Vouchers

·         Wristbands

·         Fabric Clothing Labels

·         Lottery Tickets

·         Car Stickers


For more information on Anti-Counterfeit solutions and how Security4Transit can protect your company’s reputation, email