High Quality International Manufacture

Security4Transit operates its own manufacturing facility in Asia and currently exports from this location to many countries. This facility specialises in the manufacture of reuseable tamper evident bags and satchels and has been operating successfully for over a decade.

The design and prototyping work for new projects/products is undertaken in Melbourne in conjunction with our clients and pre-production samples are produced before manufacturing commences.

The company also manages long term relationships with quality third party manufacturers of one time use security satchels, security seals and locked products. For each of our various product groups, Security4Transit generally has at least two key third party suppliers to ensure continuity of supply and the continuation of an innovation pipeline.

Flexible, Reliable Service

Asian manufactured goods are suitable for larger orders and generally take between eight and twelve weeks to reach Australian clients via sea freight.

For additional flexibility, air freight can reduce the delivery timeframe by four weeks. Customers can also request split air/sea deliveries.

Security4Transit can manufacture most of its product offerings to the same standard in Asia as in Australia, meaning that customers can benefit from this flexibility, yet still benefit from the same high product standards irrespective of the manufacturing location.

Third Party International Sourcing

Through the company's experience with Asia in particular, Security4Transit can cost effectively procure security products outside its direct offering on behalf of its clients.

If you would like to discuss a custom made overseas manufactured project with us, please contact customer service on 039564 3510 or